A Day in the Life of a Hearing Aid Administrator

We at Munk Hearing Centre, a Toronto audiology clinic are typically the first to arrive at the clinic each morning. It’s incredibly different to be here when everything is quiet knowing that within a short amount of time, a large number of people will be coming and going for the rest of the day. It’s a time to glance out the window and see the beauty of a sunrise, leave a funny note on the desk of a co-worker, or quietly get started on tasks before the audiology clinic gets busy.

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Ensuring Patient Directions

One of the unexpected tasks we had no idea we’d be getting into is directing traffic! We’ve all developed a sixth sense of whether a patient is actually meant to be checking in with us — or is lost and trying to find another department. Given the location of the TGH Munk Hearing Centre on the curve of a hallway, patients often pause at our door before continuing around the corner. They will spot us as they are trying to figure out where to go and come in to ask. I think a record day had about three dozen instances of redirecting patients to their appointments!


Our Tight-Knit Group

Our admin staff love keeping each other up to date and have become good friends since working together. They have an ongoing What’s App chat to text messages in case one is running late or to catch their attention if needed. Given we are all often working in different locations but have our phones usually on us, it’s sometimes easiest to send a little ‘hello!’ that way. That said, we also love Post-it notes. We leave little drawings and messages for each other and our audiology coworkers.


Our Traditions

Since becoming busier, our admin staff has grown. We’ve become our own little team within a team that has all started within two years. We’ve already created our own little tradition of little gifts, flowers or balloons, cards and a pizza lunch together to celebrate our annual anniversaries with the clinic!


Our Customer Connections

As a runner and cyclist, I often run or ride to work and have my gear on a coat hook in the office. I’ve had some amazing chats with patients about cycling routes, bikes, and staying healthy!


While there is a lot of overlap in the administrative tasks we do at Munk Hearing Centre, we’ve also organically found our special areas of interest that we’ve claimed ownership of. Whether it’s receiving all the hearing aids, ordering in the parts and pieces, reorganizing drawers, scanning documents or being the phone or email go-to, we’ve found our niches and work so well as a team without anyone even assigning us those particular tasks. Schedule at Munk Hearing Centre in Toronto today.

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