HearSoundly Care Package

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The ability to hear clearly and engage in conversations is an important aspect of our overall well-being. However, as we age, many individuals experience hearing loss or struggle with hearing impairments that impact their daily lives.

The HearSoundly Care Package, exclusively offered by Munk Hearing Centre, is a comprehensive and innovative program designed to improve hearing health and provide individuals with the tools and support they need for better hearing. Learn more below, and visit our Toronto audiology clinic today.


Why HearSoundly?

The HearSoundly Care Package provides ongoing support and follow-up care. Regular check-ins and adjustments are scheduled to ensure that the hearing devices are functioning properly and meeting the individual's needs. The program also offers hearing aid refittings, preventative maintenance, unlimited cleaning supplies, and much more. HearSoundly offers you peace of mind when it comes to your hearing health.

What Is included in HearSoundly?

  • Multi-step fitting process utilizing real-ear measurement and following best-practices

  • Semi-annual refitting and preventative maintenance

  • Hands-free Bluetooth connectivity with pairing to chosen technology

  • Unlimited cleaning supplies

  • Hearing aid programming and adjustments as needed

  • Annual diagnostic hearing assessment

  • 3 year all-inclusive manufacturer repair warranty

  • 2 year replacement warranty for lost or damaged devices ($250 deductible)

  • Complimentary loaners if repair is required

  • 90 day adjustment/trial period

Did you originally purchase your hearing aids elsewhere?

We're happy to continue your hearing aid care, along with offering you the benefits of the HearSoundly program! Contact us for more details.


If you or your loved one is considering hearing aids, the HearSoundly Care Package offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to address your needs. With a team of experienced audiologists, cutting-edge technology, and ongoing support, the program is dedicated to helping individuals improve their hearing health and gives them peace of mind. To get started, call our Toronto audiology clinic today.

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