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custom earplugs

We offer specialty custom plugs for a variety of purposes.

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Musician plugs

Musician earplugs are designed to protect hearing while preserving the sound quality of music. Music sounds as it would without an earplug but at a lower and safer volume level. These hearing devices come in three different protection levels depending on how loud the music environment is.

Are you a musician? Check out our dedicated musician products & services page.

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Swim plugs

Swim molds are soft custom earplugs that form a perfect seal to prevent water from getting into the ear.

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Noise plugs

Noise plugs are designed for maximum hearing protection. These earplugs are recommended for noisy environments where communication is not as important.

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Sleep plugs

Sleep plugs are a more comfortable earplug that reduces night time noise. Learn more from our audiology clinic in Toronto today.

Custom earplugs from our hearing clinic in Toronto are a great way to protect your hearing and get the most out of your listening experience. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a frequent concert goer, a swimmer or just someone who likes to enjoy a peaceful sleep, custom earplugs are the perfect choice.

A great benefit of custom earplugs is their comfort. They’re designed to fit your ear perfectly, ensuring that you won’t experience any discomfort or pain while wearing them. This makes them ideal for sleeping, swimming and attending a concert. Contact one of the audiologists at our Uptown or Toronto General Hospital today.

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