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Below, you will find our current offers. If you'd like to take advantage of an offer, please mention it at the time of booking. Offers are subject to change at any point.

Premium Hearing Aids

For a limited time, take $1500 off a pair of premium hearing aids!

Advanced Hearing Aids

For a limited time, take $1000 off a pair of mid-range hearing aids!

UHN Employee discount

As a special thank you to UHN employees, we offer a 25% discount off of hearing aid dispensing services for those who can present a valid UHN ID badge. Also, there is a 10% discount on most other products, including custom plugs.

HearSoundly program

HearSoundly is a program that offers continuing care for hearing aid users, and provides users with peace of mind knowing that their hearing aid needs will be taken care of for the long-term. With Hear Soundly, a one-time fee of $400 covers:

  • Multi-step fitting process utilizing real-ear measurement and following best-practices
  • Semi-annual refitting and preventative maintenance
  • Hands-free Bluetooth connectivity with pairing to chosen technology
  • Unlimited cleaning supplies
  • Hearing aid programming and adjustments as needed
  • Annual diagnostic hearing assessment
  • 3 year all-inclusive manufacturer repair warranty
  • 2 year replacement warranty for lost or damaged devices ($250 deductible)
  • Complimentary loaners if repair is required
  • Wax removal as needed
  • 90 day adjustment/trial period

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