Soundz: Now Available Through Munk

Munk Hearing Centre, an audiology clinic in Toronto, is thrilled to announce the availability of Soundz custom in-ear monitors through our partnership with Soundz. Soundz, a leading Greece-based company renowned for its specialized in-ear monitors crafted for musicians, brings a unique and unparalleled audio experience to our clients. Learn more below, and schedule an appointment today.

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Amazing Audio Experience

By teaming up with Soundz, we are delighted to offer musicians and music enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in the exceptional quality and precision of custom in-ear monitors. Ordering these state-of-the-art monitors from Soundz and visiting Munk for accurate earmold impressions ensures a perfect fit tailored to each client's specific needs.


Our Partnership

Munk Hearing Centre takes pride in being one of only four authorized Soundz dealers in Canada and the sole provider of this service among audiologists in the country. This exclusive partnership allows us to bring top-tier audio solutions right to our clients' ears, enhancing their listening experience like never before.

How the Soundz In-Ear Monitor Process Works

Soundz's process for providing in-ear monitors for musicians begins with customers placing their orders directly with Soundz. Once the orders are received, customers are directed to visit Munk Hearing Centre in Toronto, where they undergo ear mould impression sessions.

This collaborative approach between Soundz and our audiology clinic ensures a seamless and efficient process for customers seeking custom in-ear monitors. By ordering through Soundz, customers can choose their preferred specifications and features for their in-ear monitors, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience. Our expertise in creating accurate and comfortable ear impressions ensures that the custom-fit in-ear monitors will provide optimal sound quality and a secure fit for the wearer.

If you have questions, the audiologist would be happy to answer them during your earmold impressions appointment, or connect you with a representative from Soundz.


Many Options

With a diverse range of six different models available, musicians can select the custom in-ear monitor that best caters to their unique preferences and requirements. Each monitor is meticulously designed to provide exceptional comfort, optimal sound quality, and a personalized fit for maximum performance.


Amazing Clarity

Soundz custom in-ear monitors not only deliver unparalleled audio clarity but also prioritize the wearer's ear protection. Trusted by professional musicians globally, these monitors ensure a rich listening experience while safeguarding the user's hearing health — a vital aspect for music professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Great for Musicians

For musicians in the Toronto area and across Canada, Munk Hearing Centre is your premier destination for experiencing the unmatched quality and precision of Soundz custom in-ear monitors. Many musicians use Soundz, including David Morales, Seth Troxler, Detlef, and many more. Trust your hearing to us today.


Custom Fit

There are abundant reasons to opt for Soundz custom in-ear monitors for your audio needs. Firstly, the custom fit of these in-ear monitors offers unparalleled comfort and suitability compared to generic options, ensuring extended wear without discomfort. With accurate ear mold impressions taken at Munk, you can be confident in receiving a personalized fit that stays firm during performances or everyday use.


Sound Quality

Moreover, the noise isolation provided by Soundz custom in-ear monitors is outstanding, effectively blocking external noise and distractions for an immersive listening experience. Whether you're on stage, in the studio, or on the move, custom in-ear monitors enhance sound quality and offer a bespoke audio solution tailored to your individual ear shape and preferences.


Elevate your music journey, protect your hearing, and immerse yourself in exceptional sound with Soundz and Munk Hearing Centre. Explore the possibilities today and redefine your audio experience with us. Schedule your fitting with us today.

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