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The Munk Hearing Centre provides everything you need to keep your hearing aids functioning properly, including all sizes of batteries.

Hearing aid batteries are essential for providing power to hearing aids and are a critical component of a person's ability to hear. They're small, lightweight, and come in a variety of sizes and types. For those with hearing loss, having the right hearing aid battery can make all the difference in being able to hear the world around them.

As technology advances, hearing aid batteries are getting better and more efficient. The newest models of hearing aid batteries come with longer life and improved performance. They use a zinc-air battery technology, which is a more reliable and longer-lasting alternative to traditional mercury cells.

The most common type of hearing aid battery is the size 10, or "312" battery. This battery is small enough to fit in most hearing aid models, and provides up to 10 days of power. There are also larger batteries, such as the size 13, or "675" battery, which can last up to 30 days, and the size 312, which can last up to 60 days.

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