Hearing aids

The majority of hearing aids today are digital and have tiny computer chips embedded inside of them that process the incoming signal to ensure that the output is appropriate for your hearing loss and your environment.

The level of technology you choose will determine, among other things, how complex and automatic the processing is. Your audiologist will help you to find the technology level that is appropriate for your lifestyle and budget.​

Hearing aids also come in a variety of styles. Your audiologist will help you to select a style by explaining which ones would be appropriate for your degree of hearing loss and then explaining the benefits and potential downsides of the remaining options.


Assistive listening devices (ALDs)

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are devices aimed at improving day-to-day function for people who are hearing impaired. They are generally straightforward and easy to use. ALDs are typically used in conjunction with traditional hearing aids, though some are designed to be used on their own.


custom plugs

We offer specialty custom plugs for a variety of purposes, including musician plugs, noise plugs, swim plugs and sleep plugs.



The Munk Hearing Centre with locations at Toronto General Hospital and Uptown at Yonge & Lawrence provides everything you need to keep your hearing aids functioning properly, including all sizes of batteries.


Musician Products

Musicians are frequently exposed to environments that put them at risk of a wide range of hearing disorders, including hearing loss and tinnitus. We can give you the appropriate hearing protection so you can continue to enjoy music without long term harm.