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Hearing Assessment

At Munk Hearing Centre, we provide comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments for all of our patients.

There is no charge for this service as hearing tests are covered by OHIP (please bring a referral from your physician if the service you are requesting is a hearing test only).

Please                             for a copy of our referral.

What Is Included?


We examine your ears, including the external ear canal and the eardrum, to look for signs of blockages (e.g. earwax) as well as ear-related problems that might require medical follow-up (e.g. ear infections).


If significant earwax is present, the audiologists at Munk have access to medical-grade microscopes and suction devices for removing it.

Immittance/Auditory Reflexes

We use a machine called a tympanometer to assess how your eardrums are moving. When an eardrum is too floppy or too stiff, it can indicate certain middle ear problems that usually require medical follow-up.


We may also play loud sounds in your ear to assess acoustic reflexes.

Pure-Tone Audiometry 

This is the step that people most commonly expect when they come in for a hearing test. We play a series of beeps/tones and ask you to respond when you hear one. This way we can determine your hearing thresholds for each ear individually, across the range of frequencies/pitches that are important for speech understanding.


We use the results of this test to establish the severity and type of hearing loss. A hearing loss can be the result of damage to the inner ear and/or auditory nerve (sensorineural hearing loss), problems with the middle ear (conductive hearing loss), or both (mixed hearing loss).

Speech Testing 

This part of the assessment is divided into two main parts. During the first part, you will be asked to repeat words as we vary the loudness. The purpose is to establish the softest level at which you are consistently able to repeat the words back correctly.


During the second part, we measure your accuracy when repeating words at a comfortable listening level. We also complete tests to establish your most comfortable listening level for speech (MCL), as well as your uncomfortable listening level (UCL; the maximum level you can listen to sounds before they become uncomfortably loud).

Other Tests


At the discretion of the audiologist, other tests may be completed to better understand your individualized needs. An example of this is the hearing in noise test (HINT), which is used to evaluate your ability to function outside of a quiet environment.


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Tel: (416) 340-4800 ext.7067

Fax: 416-340-5149

7th Floor, Norman Urquhart Wing - Room 820

Toronto General Hospital

200 Elizabeth St.

Toronto, ON. M5G 2C4


Monday: 8am - 4pm

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*Note: We close for lunch from

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To get to us: Take any elevator within the hospital to the 7th floor, Norman Urquhart Wing. Follow the signs to the Munk Hearing Centre.


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